Cabin crew smashed two bottles of wine on passenger's head to

Cabin crew smashed two bottles of wine on passenger's head to

Cabin crew smashed two bottles of wine on passenger's head to

As the altercation continued, one flight attendant hit the man over the head with two wine bottles breaking at least one of them.

Hudek punched one flight attendant twice in the face and struck at least one passenger in the head with a red dessert wine bottle, according to the complaint.

When he came out again two minutes later, he suddenly lunged for the plane exit door, grabbed the handle and tried to open it, Ms Highley wrote.

Immediately, two flight attendants tried to stop Hudek and called for backup as he pushed them away and kept trying to force the door open. Hudek, who by now sounds thoroughly insane, apparently didn't even feel the effects of a one liter bottle of wine breaking over his head.

Hudek's mother Linda Hudek, is a customer service representative and reservation agent at Delta, according to her Facebook profile.

"He started yelling for help", Dustin Jones, a passenger on the flight who sat near Hudek, said. A flight attendant smashed wine bottles over Hudek's head but to no avail.

Aircraft cabin doors can not be opened at high altitudes because of the differing pressures inside and outside the jet's cabin, and the Delta plane was cruising at high altitude, at 32,000 feet, when the incident happened.

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Hudek now faces a felony charge of interfering with a flight crew, which carries a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The Boeing 767 returned safely to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport around 7:40 p.m. local time under a Department of Defense escort, according to the two people briefed on the incident.

Natasha Chen talks to passengers who were on that flight and one who helped tackle the man. Watch a live report from Sea-Tac Airport tonight at 11.

The crew and passengers deplaned, but the airline told IBT that "the flight re-departed for Beijing later Thursday evening".

Law enforcement officers took the passenger into custody after the flight returned to the gate, Delta said.

But, Cooper subsequently said that was incorrect, and he and Dietrich-Williams described the incident only as an assault on a crew member. But "there is no information to suggest this is a national security threat", said Federal Bureau of Investigation specialist Ayn Dietrich-Williams. CNN has reached out to the North American Aerospace Defense Command to get clarification on the discrepancy.

Delta Air Lines confirmed the incident in a Monday statement to International Business Times.

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