Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

In fact, when I first turned pro, you had to go pick up your check, ' she recalled.

'Dear John, I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based, ' she posted. It's up to me. While Venus is nearing her potential eighth Grand Slam title, Serena won't speculate on her chances.

That's why, right now, Williams is just enjoying time at home with her family and reflecting on all the things her body has helped her accomplish in order to get to this peaceful point. Her biggest focus, though, is sleep, which is why she's teamed up with Tempur-Pedic as part of the mattress brand's Sleep Is Power campaign. She knows sleep is something she won't be getting a lot of once the baby is born, but cites the need for quality rest as a crucial element of her eventual return to the sport. "It's just raw", Serena, who is expecting her first child with fiance Alexis Ohanian, says. She says raising her baby with the same values her parents instilled in her, and providing him or her with a great life, is her main priority going forward. She practices sometimes on the tennis court just to feel the ball, and is also having some sponsor commitments. The tennis player and mom-to-be sat down with E!

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I think it's because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion. He added: "I didn't like it, especially looking forwards".

"Not once did I think about a check", the 23-time Grand Slam champion shared.

"I've actually never played for money - I just thought you would go out there and hold a trophy", Williams said on "Kneading Dough", the personal-finance video series from LeBron James' media company, Uninterrupted. "Looking back, I'm like, wow, we lived in a two-bedroom house with seven people".

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