Amazon files meal-kits trademark, treading on Blue Apron's turf

Amazon files meal-kits trademark, treading on Blue Apron's turf

Amazon files meal-kits trademark, treading on Blue Apron's turf (NASDAQ:AMZN) rained on Blue Apron's (NYSE:APRN) IPO last month, and now it's a deluge on its business model.

Amazon already poses a major threat to the grocery industry, with plans to acquire supermarket chain Whole Foods.

Blue Apron's stock is likely to struggle once Amazon enters the meal-kit delivery market, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Monday. And it describes the service as "Prepared food kits composed of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit and/or and vegetables and also including sauces or seasonings, ready for cooking and assembly as a meal". "You be the chef".

But we think we know the real reason; Jeff Bezos has been watching Mark Zuckerberg do his best Bezos-ian routine of slowly torturing a weaker business rival, cruelly strangling Snap by unsubtly showing the world that Facebook can do everything that Snapchat can do but better and while turning a profit.

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Amazon weighed on last month's Blue Apron IPO. Blue Apron went public on June 29 with an opening price of $10 per share, down from the $15 to $17 per share it had initially sought. Blue Apron had to settle for $10, and that may still have been too high. Today, Blue Apron stocks hit an intraday low of $6.51 a share, down almost 10 percent.

Amazon is a model buster. The novelty of step-by-step recipes and packaged ingredients have made it a cult fave with well-to-do foodies. However, its slowing growth with revenue up a more modest 42% in this year's freshman quarter and its lack of profitability make it vulnerable if Amazon should dive in sooner rather than later with an aggressively priced knockoff.

Part of the problem has been the price, but with Amazon coming on the scene, that could change.

Amazon might as well have legally named this idea "Death to Blue Apron™" and cackled maniacally as it was filed.

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