Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked CAD Renders

Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked CAD Renders

Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked CAD Renders

Patently Apple says Foxconn has secured 95 per cent of Apple's orders for the new OLED iPhone models and smaller orders for the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models.

Amid reports of ongoing production struggles and difficulties acquiring smartphone parts, Apple has opted to take matters into its own hands to ensure that key components are manufactured in time for the iPhone 8's release. Additionally, iPhone 8 won't sport a horizontally aligned dual rear camera, but a vertical one.

According to Kelly, the renders that he and Nodus came up with are representative of what the final version of the iPhone 8 will look like, as opposed to early prototypes.

Previous form factors have driven prolonged growth for Apple shares after launch and other analysts aren't considering the supercycle potential for the new iPhone, according to Huberty.

Moreover, the later Apple introduces products, the stiffer the competition those products could ultimately face in the marketplace. A lot of analysts are expecting AR to be the next big thing in mobile computing and if Apple can be there first major player to offer a widespread consumer offering then they could be swimming in even more money than they already have.

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Meanwhile, Apple watcher John Gruber of Daring Fireball wrote that the iPhone 8 price will start at $1,200, which is a pretty steep price tag for a smartphone.

Rumours are rife that the USA technology giant is planning to include some fresh new features on the iPhone 8 with the device expected to come packed with a new AMOLED display that will cover the entire front of the smartphone.

The issues surrounding the facial recognition system of the iPhone 8 is a particularly concerning one for Apple, as the technology is being developed to eventually replace the Touch ID feature. However, I do know that this render has 4 camera-like sensors on the front of the device.

The new devices will be unveiled in September, and then sales will begin in October, although initially a limited number will be available, with production increasing over the November-December period. And keeping no doubt, perhaps its certain that the rumored "iPhone 8" will make its arrival in September only.

Little has been reported regarding the resolution, but we'd bet on Apple sticking with the Retina display pixel density of around 300-400ppi.

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