Australian woman shot dead by police in US

Australian woman shot dead by police in US

Australian woman shot dead by police in US

Ms Damond, also known as Justine Ruszczyk, was a vet who worked as a spiritual healer and meditation teacher.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Damond, who also went by Justine Ruszczyk, was engaged to marry an American man.

Justine Damond, left, with friend Eloise King.

Matt Omo, a close friend in Australia and a founder of his own wellness practice who often collaborated with Ms. Damond on meditation and personal development workshops, called her death a frightful tragedy.

Damond had called police for help, after Justine reported a potential assault on Saturday evening behind her home.

Friends of a Sydney woman killed in the USA on Saturday night say they can not understand why someone who taught meditation and "spread love" was shot by Minneapolis police.

"Basically my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know, and I demand answers", Her Step son Zach Damond said.

Police arrived on scene and Damond went to meet the officers.

Many unanswered questions surround the deadly shooting, including why that officer felt compelled to pull the trigger. A critical incident is defined as "the use of deadly force by or against a Minneapolis police officer" or "death or great bodily harm to a person who is in the custody or control of an officer".

Meanwhile, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said, in a press conference, that at some point, one of the officers fired a weapon, killing the woman. The detectives said they're trying to figure out if any video evidence of what happened exists.

Friend Julie Reed remembered Damond, who used her fiance's last name ahead of their nuptials next month, for all the "joy she brought to our lives".

In Sydney, family friends visited the Freshwater home of Damond's parents on Monday.

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"This is a very hard time for our family".

The woman was to be married to Mr Damond, 50, in August, a family friend said.

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"She was loving, giving, smart, amusing and caring".

Justine completed her bachelor's degree in veterinary science from the University of Sydney, Australia, according to her LinkedIn profile, the Star Tribune reported. One officer shot and killed the woman.

The former Manly High School student was a qualified veterinarian, and taught meditation and life coaching.

Ruszczyk reportedly hated America's gun culture but still moved from Australia to the United States for love.

"It was a hard decision for her to make", King said.

"She was treasured and loved, and we will really miss her", she said.
"It didn't take long for him to propose and for them to get their life started together".

The officers involved didn't have their body cameras turned on, and there's no squad vehicle surveillance, according to the BCA. It said the information would be released after her family had been notified.

"There are still many questions about what took place".

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