Elon Musk: Tesla's stock price is higher than we 'deserve' right now

Elon Musk: Tesla's stock price is higher than we 'deserve' right now

Elon Musk: Tesla's stock price is higher than we 'deserve' right now

On account of more specific guidance requested by Democrat and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Elon Musk said: "The first step for the government is to get a better understanding of the fast-moving achievements in the developing artificial intelligence technology".

"Until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don't know how to react because it seems so ethereal", he said about the tech sector's furious pursuit of artificial intelligence.

Musk also argued that regulation is important so that AI companies' respective developments can be paused and then analyzed to make sure they're safe.

When asked by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval who invited Musk to speak on innovation at the NGA meeting, "What would you want things to look like in 5 to 10 years, associated with energy and autonomous vehicles: electric vehicles?"

Explaining that AI could, in fact, destroy the human race, Musk told Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval: "AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization in a way that vehicle accidents, airplane crashes, faulty drugs or bad food were not".

Musk added the company's stock price reflects a "lot of optimism" and that he has tried to taper expectations, but has found that "quite tough" when euphoria is running this high. Because I think by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it'll be too late'. "AI is [the] rare case in which we have to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive", he said.

Long story short, as Musk puts it, "the biggest risk we face as a civilization is artificial intelligence".

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The first order of business would be to try to learn as much as possible, to understand the nature of the issues.

And artificial intelligence is not just capable of sparking global chaos through virtual attacks.

It is a known phenomenon how robots are taking over human employment and according to Musk, going forward AI-enabled robots "will be able to do everything better than us".

When asked at the 2016 Code Conference in California if the answer to the question of whether we are in a simulated computer game was "yes", Musk said 'probably'.

Even more surprising is how soon they intend to be completed: Musk didn't offer an exact timeframe, but promised they'd open within the "next few years".

"Once there is awareness, people will be extremely afraid, as they should be", Musk said.

Musk's comments come at a point when he himself is exploring a rather intimidating form of AI called Neuralink.

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