Emirates, flydubai partner to fly across 200 destinations

Emirates, flydubai partner to fly across 200 destinations

Emirates, flydubai partner to fly across 200 destinations

"For Emirates' customers, it opens up flydubai's robust regional network", Emirates said, announcing the agreement on Jul. 17. The airlines estimate that will grow to 240 destinations by 2022, when the combined fleet will have expanded to 380 aircraft. It adds that the two sides are discussing various additional network and customer initiatives including frequent-flyer alignment.

The partnership will go "beyond code-sharing and include integrated network collaboration with coordinated scheduling", said the carrier.

Emirates and flydubai will also align airport systems and operations at their hub at Dubai International Airport, the world's busiest for international travel.

"Given the competitive profit pressure Emirates has faced due to falling prices, lower oil costs and increased airline competition, Emirates can leverage the strength of flydubai's network and dispense the need to buy their own narrow-bodies", said Saj Ahmad chief analyst at Strategic Aero Research. Emirates' profits fell 70 percent in the year ending on March 31; economies in the Gulf region slowed, demand for seats aboard flights declined due to terrorist attacks and the airline contended with travel restrictions imposed by the US government.

Teams from Emirates and flydubai are now working on several initiatives spanning commercial, network planning, airport operations, customer journey, and frequent flyer programmes alignment.

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Sheikh Ahmed said: "This is an exciting and significant development for Emirates, flydubai, and Dubai aviation".

Emirates has a wide-body fleet of 259 aircraft, flying to 157 destinations and flydubai operates 58 Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft to 95 destinations.

The partnership is working to optimise the networks and schedules of both airlines, to open up new city-pair connections offering consumers greater choice. The current combined network travels to 216 destinations.

The airlines, both owned by the government of Dubai, said in a statement on Monday their expanded partnership would be rolled out over the coming months, kicking off with an enhanced code share agreement in the fourth quarter.

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