In Wake Of Brexit Merkel Vows To Strengthen EU

In Wake Of Brexit Merkel Vows To Strengthen EU

In Wake Of Brexit Merkel Vows To Strengthen EU

Merkel has said she is open to proposals of strengthening the single currency through the creation of a euro zone finance minister who would oversee a pooled budget for investments and transfers meant to help member states cushion downturns.

Mrs Merkel also used the interview to defend her record on migration.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian ally has renewed calls for a cap on the number of refugees Germany accepts, but has avoided making it a condition for joining her in government again after this fall's election.

"That's why it is worth fighting for this Europe", she said.

"At this point we can't spend the money that we have", Merkel said in an interview with ARD television on Sunday.

"For many people, including myself, something changed when we saw the Britons want to leave, when we were anxious about the outcome of the elections in France and the Netherlands", Merkel told voters, some of whom wore straw hats with black-red-and-gold hatbands, the colors of the German flag.

Merkel said Germany had to increase investment in high-speed internet broadband connections.

Major Cyber-Attack Could Cost World Economy $121.4bn
According to Lloyds and Cyence , average economic losses from a major attack on cloud services could be about $53 billion. In June, an attack of a virus dubbed "NotPetya" spread from infections in Ukraine to businesses around the globe.

Right now it looks as if Merkel will remain chancellor after the election, but Martin Schulz should look to Britain if he wants to take the top spot.

Riots broke out in the city, with dozens of police officers injured by left-wing extremists. She said the two issues were completely unrelated. While the French leader lauded Germany for undertaking labor-market reforms in a newspaper interview earlier the same day, he signaled Germany's competitive strength also derived from imbalances in the euro area that had helped weaken other member states.

He said: "Germany is a great country".

The Economist magazine labeled trade surpluses "the German problem" on its latest cover, accusing Germany of saving too much and spending too little.

"No one can say what life will bring, but I certainly intend to continue for four years", Merkel said in response to a question concerning voters' expectations of her being able to fulfill her vision for Germany.

Polls ahead of the September 24 election show Merkel in a strong position.

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