Jaguar E-Pace Revealed

Jaguar E-Pace Revealed

Jaguar E-Pace Revealed

Ian Callum, director of Design at Jaguar, called the E-Pace "the sports vehicle of its class".

The E-Pace comes packed with tech, with digital displays, a waterproof wearable Activity Key that allows you to connect to your smart watch, 4G Wi-Fi hotspots, and several USB points; as well as the kind of space SUVs afford - in this case 1,234 litres of luggage space (with rear seats folded), plus other compartments throughout the cabin for you to keep whatever you want.

The information stating that the E-PACE will be the first Jaguar model to benefit from an exclusive range of Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. Yes, the Jaguar E-Pace as bagged the Guinness World Record for breaking the record in the daredevil barrel roll.

Behind the wheel was stunt driver Terry Grant, who has completed stunts on many film sets and holds an impressive 21 world records.

The E-Pace set the new record of 270-degree corkscrew-like "barrel roll" jump when it covered a distance of 15.3 m / 50 feet.

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But all that said, Jaguar has been clever with the pricing, ensuring there's good headlines to grab the interest of buyers (Jaguar expect 80 per cent of E-Pace buyers to be new to the brand) and a big spread of specs and options to optimise their bottom line.

Well, the nail-biting Barrel Role fete by Jaguar E-Pace has been awarded one of the greatest accolades "The Guinness Book Record" but the launch of Jaguar E-Pace has proved the car's mettle in the segment.

First deliveries are expected in 2017 and observers are confident that the vehicle will become the brand's best-selling model, taking on the Audi Q3 and BMW X1.

The different variants of Jaguar E-Pace include - S, SE, HSE trims, and the sportier looking R-Dynamic model.

A "launch edition" model is also expected to be available.


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