Justin Trudeau drops his summer playlist on Spotify

Justin Trudeau drops his summer playlist on Spotify

Justin Trudeau drops his summer playlist on Spotify

The couple is the second Syrian family to name their son after Trudeau.

Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Belal fled Syria in 2016 and now call the Canadian city of Calgary home, according to CBC News.

At the time, Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal's mother said they were grateful to the prime minister for bringing so many Syrian refugees to Canada. Canada's Justin Trudeau gave his answer. He met the little boy and his parents at something called the Parkdale Community Stampede breakfast, which is exactly the kind of wholesome but off-centre bullshit I imagine everyone in Canada to love, and local photographer Adam Scotti snapped the heart-melting moment. However, this happened last Saturday, when the baby Justin Trudeau met the prime minister of Canada.

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Shortly after Trudeau took office, the Canadian government agreed to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees - a move that saw him praised by the global community.

"My husband says 'How about if we name the boy Justin-Trudeau, like him, '" she said.

'It will be a big story because you know, the Arabic name and the English name, there is a big difference, ' she said. And who can forget Trudeau's heart-warming note on social media, welcoming immigrants to the country, amidst the US President's disregard for the same? In November, another Syrian refugee family in nearby Red Deer, Alberta, also named their son Justin to honor Trudeau.

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