Spider-Man: Homecoming - Every Secret You Need To Know

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Every Secret You Need To Know

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Every Secret You Need To Know

It's somewhat refreshing to see a comic book movie that's not about the end of the world, or a blue laser extending up to the heavens that will result in the death of every man, woman, and child in the city. Most importantly, they have a similar sense of humor, and they both love to joke around.

"Owen Gleiberman (Variety): "'Spider-Man: "Homecoming' has an aggressively eager and prosaic YA flavor".

Robbie Collin (The Telegraph): "A little of the new Spider-Man went an exhilaratingly long way in "Captain America: Civil War" previous year".

There's also some good physical comedy throughout the film as the young Spider-Man is pretty inexperienced at crime fighting and web firing still. It was nice to see the heartwarming bond between him and Peter in their scenes together, showing them as a father-son relationship and that Stark really believes in Peter's abilities.

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Holland, recently speaking with BBC Radio 1, he would like to see former Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire play Uncle Ben. They even showed us Peter acting as a fanboy towards The Avengers, especially when he is shown vlogging his battle in Civil War and how restless he gets once he returns to normal life.

Of course, the title "Homecoming" is also a nod to the character's much-anticipated integration into the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe after being held captive by Sony for so many years - you'd be surprised how many seemingly ordinary moviegoers, myself included, that matters to. Honestly, it would be hard for viewers to watch him portray the character without thinking of him as Peter Parker. In Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, Martin Sheen was in the same role to Andrew Garfield's version of the webhead.

Without a doubt one of the best Spider-Man films, we have more to look forward to now that Spidey is part of The Avengers. Right now all we can do is wait patiently to hear more from the next Insomniac Games developer log.

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