Foxtel responds to frustrated Game of Thrones viewers

Foxtel responds to frustrated Game of Thrones viewers

Foxtel responds to frustrated Game of Thrones viewers

"We will continue to communicate with affected customers to ensure they are fully informed", he said.

Ed Sheeran might have just cameoed as a singing Lannister soldier on HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones, but the "Shape of You" singer isn't done with acting quite yet.

There were also complaints about HBO's streaming service, HBO Go, though those emanated primarily from the Latin American region that isn't operated by the US operation.

"The number of Australians subscribing to ..."

Most destinations have experienced significant increases after being filmed on the show, proving that TV tourism is clearly on the rise, with one in five travellers choosing a destination based on what they saw on the television shows, the report said. Such a system is crucial to a business model that sees different types of content offered in bundles, such as Sport or Family or Drama. "The system was unable to verify some customers' entitlements".

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Emilia Clarke stars in "Game of Thrones" on HBO.

The company claimed that while it had anticipated massive interest in the series return, "the traffic that eventuated far exceeded expectations". This was also apparently the case in the USA and Latin America.

But BuzzFeed's naming and shaming of Ed and his bad chat may has resulted in much more than the news outlet could have predicted: Ed didn't just delete those tweets, he deleted his whole Twitter account! It was only when people attempted to tune in, or sign up, later in the day that the issue arose.

Unfortunately, the force was not with Foxtel Now last night, as the site crashed, although at 12.47am as I type, I've logged into the site in Google Chrome, and got S7 Ep 1 streaming perfectly, so clearly the storm has passed.

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