Google launching its WiFi product in New Zealand this week

Google launching its WiFi product in New Zealand this week

Google launching its WiFi product in New Zealand this week

The Australian version of Google Home has been created to understand Australian accents, and will speak back to householders using an Australian accent, too.

Google's local spokesman says there are no plans to launch Google Home in New Zealand at this point, however.

Part of the delay between Home's global and Australian launches can be attributed to the fact that the speaker - and Google Assistant, the voice-activated AI that also runs on Google's Pixel smartphones - has been localised both to recognise and interpret Aussie accents, and to respond in kind with a bespoke voice.

Both new products will be available on The Google Store along with JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks and The Good Guys.

The Home will also read news stories from supported Australian news services, and according to Google, will fully support 'Strayan English. Nine months after its debut in the USA, it is finally available to buy in Australia - complete with a dinky-di accent. Google Engineers have a sense of humor and have given Assistant an Aussie voice, and personality that extends to it understanding Aussie slang.

The device speaks Australian (and has an Aussie accent), so you can ask it for Sunday brekkie suggestions or where the closest servo is. "You can also ask it what sound a Kookaburra makes, and it'll cue the laughter we all know and love", the company wrote on a blog post.

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Up to six people can connect their account to one Google Home, so if you ask your Assistant to tell you about your day, it can distinguish your voice from other people in your family, and give you personalised answers.

"And of course, we've hidden a few Aussie treats for you to discover along the way". "OK Google, how do I make a pumpkin pie?" It can also wake you up in the morning (or you can tell it to snooze).

When paired with Google's Chromecast products, you will be able to enjoy multi-room playback of music around the home. This means you get to call up tracks, albums, remixes and more - all completely ad-free. You can check out the official Google Home video for more info above.

Position the pucks around your home to fill in wireless dead zones (they'll automatically choose the best wireless channel to use) and fire up the Google Wifi app to adjust network settings and also control access.

After months of Antipodean anticipation, Google has finally confirmed that its Google Wifi mesh router system, which received our Editor's Choice award, will be available to purchase Down Under from July 20, 2017. It's also compatible with home smart devices from brands like Philips Hue and IFTTT so you can control your lighting just by speaking. Some WiFi routers aren't built to support the increasing number of devices we use or high bandwidth activities like gaming or watching movies, so Google created this system to replace your current router resulting in stronger coverage.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two most popular smart home devices with Nest owners, while Nest won't talk to Apple's smart speaker.

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