Hyundai's antidote to 'boring' compacts announced as i30 Fastback coupe

Hyundai's antidote to 'boring' compacts announced as i30 Fastback coupe

Hyundai's antidote to 'boring' compacts announced as i30 Fastback coupe

Hyundai has not revealed any plan to introduce the i30 range in India.

The European focus was made clear with Hyundai unveiling the new Fastback not in Korea, but in Europe, where the i30 Liftback will also be built.

This latest addition to the Hyundai family was unveiled alongside the new i30 N performance model, and the i30 Fastback features a lower nose and sleeker roofline than other i30s to blur the lines somewhat between a five-door hatch and a coupe. The proportions are also easy on the eye and all that is left is for Hyundai to give the vehicle the best performance around.

We have a video showcase of the new Hyundai i30 N - Hyundai's performance i30 - with Hyundai's Raf van Nuffel explaining what exactly the i30 N is.

"The sophisticated design of this model incorporates the essence of our philosophy, making premium design accessible for everyone".

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The i30N gets five individual drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom settings.

Hyundai hasn't just chopped the roof and called it a day either, granting the i30 fastback its own sense of style while maintaining clear links to the hatch and wagon. The i30 Fastback is also 115mm longer than the hatch, which also contributes to a sleeker profile.

Raf van Nuffel, Hyundai's Head of Product Management, spends a while walking us around the i30 N in this video, and commenting on what Hyundai wanted to achieve with their first N Performance vehicle. At the rear, the triangular third brake light in the new glossy black spoiler and the double muffler exhaust underline the sporty stance of this hatchback.

But what was Hyundai's thinking when it came to the i30 N? "With this innovative approach to compact cars, we enable our customers to make an expressive statement when driving the Fastback".

The i30 N is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine available with the two power outputs: the Standard Package engine delivers 250bhp whereas the Performance Package engine's maximum power is boosted to 275bhp. Which does sound like the ideal recipe for a hot hatch.

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