IPhone 8's facial recognition will work when device is laid flat

But, it's spilled milk now that the cat's out of the bag, and the internet is alight with iPhone 8 speculation.

While fingerprint security is a pretty common security feature we're seeing in phones these days, smartphone makers are always trying to come up with the next best thing, and for Apple it seems that maybe they think facial recognition could be next, so much so that there are rumors that Apple could introduce the feature in the next iPhone.

HomePod firmware reveals Apple's "Pearl" facial recognition's with the ability to scan faces while lying flat on the desk.

The iPhone 8 is expected to get significant upgrades in terms of design and specifications.

Apple pundit John Gruber has published a blog post on DaringFireball that reveals how this colossal mistake might have happened. (Kind of makes sense, insofar as HomePod itself is unreleased hardware.), he added.

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The HomePod software, however, did not include any of these strategy since the beta software program was for an unreleased consumer electronic product and therefore should never have been distributed to developers outside the Cupertino campus.

John Gruber concludes: "Building the OS without those flags set may not have been a mistake". It also suggests that the rumored iPhone 8 would be coming with a L-shaped large-sized battery that will allow it to deliver enhanced battery life. Leaked images of the alleged display assembly of the iPhone 8 suggests that it does not feature a Touch ID sensor.

Over the past couple of months iPhone 8 reports have been pouring in, with some speculating Apple may remove Touch ID from the front of the device due to problems integrating the required sensors into the new full-body display, with others claiming Apple will include a free pair of AirPods with all orders.

However, one of the biggest questions has been when prospect customers will be able to actually purchase the new iPhone 8.

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