Fidget spinners catching fire prompts warning from USA government

Fidget spinners catching fire prompts warning from USA government

Fidget spinners catching fire prompts warning from USA government

However, the spinners contain small plastic and metal parts, which form a choking hazard in the wrong hands.

While the meteoric rise of fidget spinners as a must-have toy has eased since they burst onto the scene a few months ago, they remain quite popular. Most notably, manufacturers have begun creating Bluetooth-equipped fidget spinners that can be connected to a smartphone to monitor spin rates and such.

"There have been some reports of fires involving battery-operated fidget spinners", the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned in a statement Thursday. As for the battery precautions, the safest option is simply to pick a fidget spinner without a battery.

The agency recommends that parents keep fidget spinners away from children under the age of 3.

CNN reports that, in May, a 10-year-old girl choked on part of her spinner and had to have surgery to have the part removed.

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Warn children of all ages not to put fidget spinners or small pieces in their mouths and not to play with the fidget spinner near their faces.

CPSC advised that fidget spinners shouldn't be left unattended while charging, and should never be plugged in overnight.

CPSC business requirements and guidelines for fidget spinners are available in our Business Education Center.

"Fidget spinners can be fun to use but consumers and companies should be aware of some of the safety concerns associated with this product", CPSC acting chairman Ann Marie Buerkle said in a statement.

As for battery-operated fidget spinners, the CPSC says it is important to use the charging cable that either comes with the fidget spinner or one that has the correct connections for the device as charging cables are not interchangeable. More specifically, some fidget spinners form a choking hazard, while others are a fire hazard. The advise even includes having working smoke alarms in your home to help avoid a fire.

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