Kenya's Elections At A Glance

Kenya's Elections At A Glance

Kenya's Elections At A Glance

The opposition leader Raila Odinga has rejected the presidential results as fraudulent, however, saying the electoral commission's computer networks were hacked.

At a news conference Thursday, members of Odinga's party gave no evidence to back up his claim, citing only unnamed sources at the IEBC.

"No Kenyan should die because of an election".

"There has always been only one way to run these elections: in line with the Kenyan Constitution and through the institutions mandated by that Constitution", they said.

Kenyans who thronged various polling stations to choice their leaders are anxiously waiting to learn the outcome of Tuesday's presidential poll pitting incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta against opposition leader Raila Odinga.

"The process is still underway". We welcome the statements made by global and domestic missions observing the Kenyan elections, which have contributed to transparency, integrity, and public confidence in the electoral process.

Odinga first complained the electronically transmitted results were not being backed up by the required forms. "So by paper ballots, there is a protection of each and every Kenyan's vote".

Many Kenyans have left Nairobi in recent days, bracing for violence. reports that at least five people have been reportedly killed in the resulting violence, reminiscent of the 2007 post-presidential election incidents which saw Mr Kenyatta dragged before the International Criminal Court.

Provisional results released shortly after the polls on Tuesday suggested Kenyatta, in power since 2013, was the victor by a substantial margin.

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He said it was also heartening to see young people changing the political dynamics in Kenya - moving away from ethnic to issues-based politics. "We know the consequences of what happened in 2008 and we don't want to see a repeat of that anymore", Odinga told CNN on Thursday.

But he repeated his assertion that "I don't control anybody". What is happening is that people just want to see justice. "For us going to court is not the alternative", added Orengo.

Even though Kenya has been considered a symbol of political and economic stability in East Africa in recent years, it is riven by tribal loyalties that inject enormous bitterness and anger into national elections.

On Thursday, Nairobi appeared to be somewhat quieter than usual, possibly because of school holidays and some concern from residents about potential violence. Businesses have been closed in Nairobi's central business district since Tuesday's vote.

Over 400 global election observers - including officials from the United States and the European Union - were deployed across the country to monitor voting, the tallying process and part of the post-election period.

"We expect now a sense of responsibility and leadership by all parties", the European Union said in a statement on Friday.

"The commission has responded to the claims by (the National Super Alliance)". The commission says a hacking attempt failed.

The electoral commission chief has also confirmed that there was an attempt to hack the system after the vote, but he said that the attempt failed.

During an angry walk out of the meeting with the commission, they said they will not be part of IEBC as it announces the victor in the hotly contested presidential race.

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