Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

The Nintendo Switch is off to a fantastic start for Nintendo, with sales on track to eclipse the Wii U within the first year. Gamevice, a company known for creating gaming accessories, is suing Nintendo for allegedly violating a patent they had for the Wikipad, which is pretty much a gaming-oriented Android slate, as per Engadget. Joy-Cons can also be used separately, while unattached from the Switch.

Specifically, the lawsuit picks out the removable Joy-Con controllers as being too close to Gamevice's patent for a detachable game controller.

The lawsuit is quite extreme in its demands.

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"Nintendo's infringement has caused, and is continuing to cause, damage and irreparable injury to Gamevice, and Gamevice will continue to suffer damage and irreparable injury unless and until that infringement is enjoined by this court", said the complaint.

With Gamevice's lawsuit against Nintendo, it could possibly become a threat to the Switch's success moving forward. While there are a few similarities between the devices, there are also some clear differences, such as Joy-Cons being able to act as individual controllers, their different design, and motion sensor features. And why did it wait over a year after the console's release before deciding to launch the lawsuit against Nintendo?

So far, Nintendo has not commented on the lawsuit but I imagine their lawyers are gearing up to shut this down as fast as possible. There's been no word yet from Nintendo, either.

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