Southwest Airlines employee goes extra mile to return misplaced bag

Southwest Airlines employee goes extra mile to return misplaced bag

Southwest Airlines employee goes extra mile to return misplaced bag

When Stacy called the airline about her bag, she spoke to an employee named Sarah and got emotional as she explained that she had a chemotherapy appointment in the morning.

Stacy was on her way home from a colon cancer advocacy retreat in Nashville, however, when she touched down in her hometown of Pittsburgh she realised her luggage was nowhere to be seen.

Sarah Rowan, a customer service agent in the airline's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office, received a frantic call from Stacy Hurt on July 23rd asking for the bag.

"I immediately panicked, because I had chemotherapy the next day", she told KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, "and I knew that I had a lot of items in the suitcase that I needed and wanted for chemotherapy".

She continued, "For her to pick up on what a hard situation this is and put my mind at ease and make me feel comfortable and to go through what she went through to get my luggage to me, she is an incredible person".

Hurt says Sarah's kindness has restored her faith in humanity.

Stacy got the chance to meet Sarah recently and said she learned that her father had passed away from colon cancer. However, when the bag finally arrived at the airport late that evening there was another problem: All of the couriers used by the airline to deliver bags were gone for the night.

When Hurt found her bag, it also had an inspiring handwritten message.

"I told her how important it was for me to have my luggage because of my items for chemotherapy", Hurt told WPXI.

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When Hurt's bag arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport around 2 a.m., Rowan, just finishing her shift, stepped into action.

Hurt's luggage remained on her previously booked connecting flight, which was rerouted back to Nashville due to mechanical issues.

"She's a true angel from heaven, she made a huge difference in my life, and I can't thank her enough", the woman tells WPXI. "I can't believe it", Stacy said.

'Things that are out of their control can be frustrating for people, but for someone who is going through so much to be so patient and kind towards us, I appreciated it so much'. "You feel especially vulnerable, shaken, and scared", Stacy said.

Southwest Airlines picked up on Hurt's post and it has since been shared 967 times.

She dropped it on Stacy's door at 3am with this heartwarming note.

"I opened up my luggage and not only were all my things intact, but right on top was this attractive handwritten note on tissue paper: 'Myself and my Southwest family are wishing you all the best'".

'She was just as sweet as can be, ' Rowan added. "Kick that cancers butt", Sarah wrote.

Hurt, who has been battling colon cancer since 2014, naturally panicked and phoned the airline.

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