Tesla Working on Self-Driving Semi Trucks Now

Tesla Working on Self-Driving Semi Trucks Now

Tesla Working on Self-Driving Semi Trucks Now

Reuters has seen email discussions of potential road tests being negotiated between the company, which for a brief period this year was named the most profitable auto company in America, and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The information also apparently describes Tesla's desire to create long-haul electric semis that can drive themselves in "platoons", potentially following behind a lead truck piloted by a human driver.

We all know that Tesla Motors is working on autonomous driving technology for its cars and that it's developing an electric semi truck slated to debut in September.

Earlier this year at a TED interview, Musk described driving the company's semi-truck prototype. The automaker will need to get a self-driving vehicle testing license in the state, but hasn't done so yet according to a Nevada spokesperson.

On the other hand, the press Secretary of the DMV's Jessica Gonzalez stated that yesterday was the meeting of the official representatives of the authorities of the state of California with the leadership of Tesla, so Elon musk is definitely a choice.

Since October, Tesla has been adding fully autonomous functions to all Model S and Model X units being built, and announced that the new technology would later be applied to the Model 3. However, it's still unclear whether the lead vehicle would have a driver or operate autonomously with a person in the front seat to monitor safety.

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Reuters also reported that California DMV officials will meet with Tesla this week "to talk about Tesla's efforts with autonomous trucks".

The document obtained by Reuters indicated that Tesla is planning to test trucks without anyone in the cab, which would require special government permission.

Tesla has been working on its autonomous driving software for years, and recently the company jumped into building its own hardware, too, after a public spat with sensor maker Mobileye.

Tesla has yet to comment on their new innovation.

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