The Xbox Live Creators Program is now available to all

The Xbox Live Creators Program is now available to all

The Xbox Live Creators Program is now available to all

Microsoft has tried, and in many cases succeeded, to incorporate feedback from gamers into the various software versions of the Xbox One life cycle.

However, Microsoft is now opening up its Xbox Live Creators Program to the public, allowing indie game makers to become their own publisher while opening up players to new, creator-driven games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Previously, people in the earlier rings (which are now renamed to Delta and Omega) could not provide the same type of feedback as those in the top two rings, Alpha and Beta.

The Xbox One Insider program is now available to all, with flexible levels of access for those who want fewer system updates. The feedback can be given through the insider app.

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If users have multiple consoles then they will be able to choose separate levels of access for each of the console. This means that while all users in the Delta ring will receive new console updates prior to their official release, some Delta Insiders will receive updates before others. In other words, if you have a Dev Center account, then you're ready to publish your game to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. As you gain access to deeper Insider rings, you'll still retain access to lower rings, too.

Already, nine games occupy that Xbox Live Creators Program store page: Animal Rivals, Block Dropper, Crystal Brawl, Derelict Fleet, ERMO, GalactiMAX!

In addition to early updates, Microsoft is partnering with game developers to get beta access to certain games for Insider Program users as well. Not yet an Xbox Insider and interested in joining the program? Simply navigate to the Store on Xbox One, search for the "Xbox Insider Hub", download the app and get started testing new console updates, games and apps.

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