What Is Sarahah? App Spamming Facebook Feeds With Anonymous Quotes

What Is Sarahah? App Spamming Facebook Feeds With Anonymous Quotes

What Is Sarahah? App Spamming Facebook Feeds With Anonymous Quotes

The app which is now fourth top rated application in Apple store was initially designed as feedback tool at workplace but it soon gained popularity among teens who started using it on Snapchat.

Sarahah app was developed by Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia in 2016. Messages once sent on the app cannot be retrieved, and the only advice users can get at this point is to be kind and constructive even if the app is letting you stay anonymous for now.

According to the app's website, "Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner".

Can Sarahah visitors view my messages? The anonymity factor can encourage people to slander, bully or send threatening messages to someone they don't like.

The Sarahah app is available for both iOS and Android and has already been installed on millions of devices within a matter of months. The app, in fact, prompts the user to leave a "constructive message" followed by a smiling emoji. This app allows anonymous messaging, which is why it has become hugely popular.

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But if you remember the setup, Sarahah takes your email address, which is concealed in the app. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well. You will not know who sent the messages though, nor will you be able to respond to them.

Why is Sarahah app trending on Google today?

Meanwhile, the received messages will be displayed in an inbox with the capability to reply and delete them. The premise is simple - you sign up for an account and create a profile, after which people can leave an anonymous message for you that only you can see.

No, this is not a regular messaging app, and other than sending random anonymous messages to people it doesn't offer much. You can report a message, block user but what happens to those who send abusive messages is unclear. For instance, although it has (at the time of writing) 10,305 5-star reviews on Google Play, it's also got 9,652 1-star reviews, showing a near 50-50 split in opinion. In case you're wondering what's so unique about it, Sarahah lets you do so by keeping your identity concealed. Another setting ensures that non-registered users can't message you on the app.

Sarahah won't disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users except with their consent. Several reviews on Apple's App Store cite a lot of the bad comments as a reason for giving Sarahah a weak rating. And boy, I badly want to fetch them a pail of water to pour on the burns! Are you missing out on something if not using Sarahah?

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