Americans want Trump, Congress to make ObamaCare work

Americans want Trump, Congress to make ObamaCare work

Americans want Trump, Congress to make ObamaCare work

Only 34 percent of Americans agree with him, while 62 percent favor moving on, including 47 percent of Republicans, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Friday.

Slightly more than half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 presidential election if President Trump proposed it to make sure only eligible American citizens can vote, according to a new survey.

The highest percent mentioning government as the country's most important problem in the past five years was in October 2013 during the partial shutdown of the USA federal government.

Around 4 in 5 said they want the Trump administration to take actions that help Obama's law function properly, rather than trying to undermine it. Most prefer that they instead move to shore up the law's marketplaces, which are seeing rising premiums and in some areas few insurers willing to sell policies. Notably, a large majority believe that Trump and the GOP are responsible for any problems with Obamacare going forward.

The GOP-controlled Senate failed to pass a health bill before it left for a summer break last week.

But in other instances, Republicans and Trump supporters part company with Democrats and independents and strongly back the president's views. Trump has said the public will blame Democrats for any problems.

IIP shrinks 0.1%; at 4-year low
The cumulative growth for the period April-June 2017 over the corresponding period of the previous year stands at 2 per cent. The government also revised upwards the factory output growth of May from 1.7% in the earlier estimate to 2.8% now.

Immigration, a contentious issue throughout the presidential campaign and into the Trump presidency, held at seven percent.

Trump has threatened to end funding to insurers to cover cost-sharing subsidies that cover the out-of-pocket health expenses for millions of low-income people buying coverage on the Obamacare exchanges.

When Bartiromo asked if the Republican Party really wants the president to succeed, Trump responded, "I think that a vast majority of Republicans are on board with the president's agenda".

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll was conducted August 1-6 and involved random calls to the cellphones and landlines of 1,211 adults.

The poll of 1,211 adults was conducted August 1- 6.

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