Broncos' hunt for starting QB could be in its final eight days

Broncos' hunt for starting QB could be in its final eight days

Broncos' hunt for starting QB could be in its final eight days

"Penalties, guys, [and] third downs offensively stopped you from scoring more points", he said.

One game might be a little too soon to pass judgement on a player, but Watson's debut does not give the Broncos or the fanbase confidence.

It was a seven play, 64 yard drive.

Against a below-average Chicago Bears defense, the Broncos allowed constant pressure to disrupt their offense as Trevor Siemian was sacked on his very first snap and consistently under duress for most of his time with the starting offense. "It's a difference between putting players out there and not having them ready to play versus helping them with scheme".

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - The Denver Broncos' search for a starting quarterback is in its final eight days.

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In preseason, jobs are won and lost even when the games don't count. Their work in training camp is weighted heavily in the evaluation, but their performance Thursday and next week at San Francisco will count the most. " Joseph said, seemingly baffled by the question. "No". Both quarterbacks know the coaches want to see them operate in game situations. Against the 49ers, they'll swap, giving each a fair opportunity with the first-team offense and against a defense other than their own.

"Ideally, right, you want to score every time, but getting the ball that deep on your first drive and moving it down the field and kicking a field goal, on the road especially - if you look at the grand scheme of things - that's probably a pretty good first drive of the game", Siemian said. In my opinion on his stats, he was okay for having played a quarter and a half.

"There's a fine line there", McCoy said. "There's definitely things we're going to watch and clean up". ". After next week we can kind of sit down and talk about if there is separation between the two guys". "We have to go out there and do our jobs regardless". The biggest factor? Decision-making without a script. "Winning is winning. We hung in there, we hung in there, made some plays late, and won the football game".

McCoy's system, which will resemble the one he ran in Denver when he was coordinator from 2009-12, will change - quite often, he said - and is created to be "explosive" and "uptempo" and put points on the board early and often. That's why he played more than we thought.

Joseph has called naming a starter before the August 26 preseason game against the Green Bay Packers "ideal" given that is the Broncos' third preseason game and is expected to be the last preseason appearance for the starters. It should also provide clarity in the quarterback race.

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