Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 5: new images arrive

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 5: new images arrive

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 5: new images arrive

"In season six, which was our biggest season up to that point, we had eleven shots featuring Emilia [Daenerys] riding the dragon", VFX supervisor Joe Bauer says in the first behind-the-scenes featurette below. The preview video shows the King in the North confronting the Mother of Dragons, while she is sitting on Drogon. They are probably discussing how Daenerys will only fight by his side if he bends the knee. Her behaviour does not sit well with her Hand, Tyrion Lannister, who starts looking at her in a different light (that's tinged with Targaryen madness?). It's worth noting that there is a touch of madness in the Targaryen blood, especially when it comes to fire. Will he go to Eastwatch with Daenerys to show him the danger that threatens them all? It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Hopefully this means that Bran re-gifting the dagger to Arya was intended to set Littlefinger's downfall in motion. Daenerys would be expecting Jon to be scared but he won't be.

In Episode 4, Daenerys was looking to get the steamy deets from Missandei on Grey Worm's knowledge of the, uh, "south" when Jon suddenly appears. The last time we saw the White Walkers tussle with humans on a massive scale, it resulted in the unforgettable episode "Hardhome."' Could something equally as exciting, and maybe even able to top the Lannister vs. dragons battle, be on its way? "Wanna come check out this Dragonglass and some creepy cave paintings?"

We think that Zach Braff has said it best. Forget the Lannisters, Jon got buuuuurned. Clearly that isn't a real number, but if you're one of those weirdos somehow not watching the hit HBO show careening towards an epic ending during the middle of its seventh and penultimate season, well, what are you doing? Christ, how many times has that phrase been used this season?

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Just as Daenerys is desperate to turn the tide of battle, Jon Snow too is desperate to win allies to his cause.

Will Bran tell Jon about his hot aunty? Has the Khaleesi, as the episode five trailer suggests, gone power mad?

Will he pop up in Winterfell after having a chat with Hot Pie? Guess, we will have to wait till Monday to find out what happens.

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