Real Madrid wouldn't sell Ronaldo for his weight in gold, says Perez

Real Madrid wouldn't sell Ronaldo for his weight in gold, says Perez

Real Madrid wouldn't sell Ronaldo for his weight in gold, says Perez

Madrid take on United in the UEFA Super Cup in Macedonia on Tuesday and Mourinho believes that if Bale doesn't start then he'd be interested in signing him as it's a sure sign he's not in Zidane's plans for the upcoming season.

'We're very close and it will be done soon, ' he said after Los Blancos men earned a 2-1 victory against Jose Mourinho's men at Philip II Arena.

Upon returning to England, Adedeji's father, Ibrahim, spoke to us about their experience in Skopje and what it was like for his youngest son to receive Mourinho's medal.

'The game overall was good, we were superior.

"He didn't say anything - Jose just gave him a nod and Adedeji said thank you".

Mourinho, "I only hope tomorrow the team that wins, the doping control people allow them to celebrate and enjoy their moment". It was fantastic for the kid.

Whatever the truth of it all, the fact is that it has added a necessary frisson to events on the actual pitch, since Mourinho has ensured there is genuine intrigue about Real's starting XI.

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"We are going to do that, step by step".

Ibrahim has been taking Adedeji to Old Trafford since he was just four-years-old, but this is the first season he and his brother, Adedire, have had season tickets of their own.

Furthermore, the report states that experts say it is "highly unlikely" the former Manchester United star would be cleared of the charges and continuing down his current path could potentially see him end up in prison.

"The whole family supports United, Adedeji's an ever bigger fan than myself and he's only eight", Ibrahim continued.

"If he is on his way out of Real Madrid, well, I'll try to be waiting for him on the other side and try to fight with other coaches that would also like to have him on his team", said Mourinho.

It would be all the more understandable a tactic from the United boss since it is known that the only way any move actually happens is if Bale himself finally decide to leave.

There is no doubt Adedeji, his brother and his father are all eager for the 2017/18 Premier League season to get under way.

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