Staying safe during the total solar eclipse

Staying safe during the total solar eclipse

Staying safe during the total solar eclipse

If you're buying the glasses online, perhaps on Amazon, choose from the list of reputable vendors above and watch out for fakes.

Here's the deal: Glasses that are safe for directly viewing the sun must meet the standard, set by the International Organization for Standardization, and the glasses or viewer will then indicate that they are ISO 12312-2 compliant. Major retailers such as 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Kroger, Walmart, Toys "R" Us, and more were also included.

Of course, during the event even with proper eclipse glasses, you'll need to put them on BEFORE you look at the sun and look AWAY from the sun before you take them off again.

While the eclipse will only reach 85 percent of southern Wisconsin, the risk of vision loss still exists if protective eyewear is not used.

Millions of Americans are getting ready to view the next eclipse on August 21, but Dr. Russell Van Gelder from the University of Washington School of Medicine warns blindness is a risk if you don't have proper eye protection.

If you got your glasses or filter from somewhere such as a library, a science museum or a planetarium, you're probably safe.

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AAS spokesperson Rick Fienberg pointed out that products not included on the list aren't necessarily unsafe - they just haven't been vetted by AAS experts.

"Some of the sun's radiation cannot be seen at all so someone looking at the eclipse without aid could be injured before they realize it", Schmude said.

You'll need to travel to Georgia's most northeastern counties, including Union and Rabun, to see the total eclipse.

The group also warns against using some eclipse-viewing home remedies - such as sunglasses or wearing a welding mask. A shade number of 13 is ideal, AAS says, but those are hard to come by.

Eclipses happen as the moon moves between the Earth and sun, casting a shadow across whichever part of the world that spins by.

"Just do not do it", Goldberg says of looking directly at the eclipse. And it's been almost a century since a total solar eclipse was visible coast to coast.

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