The Spider-Man Spinoff Silver And Black Is Coming In February 2019

The Spider-Man Spinoff Silver And Black Is Coming In February 2019

The Spider-Man Spinoff Silver And Black Is Coming In February 2019

While Marvel Studios has gotten their MCU schedule down to a science, Sony's always had some trouble with ambitious ideas that don't pan out - just recently, the Amazing Spider-Mandirector spoke about the Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3 movies that Sony cancelled outright, and Sony's been trying to get Venommade for years.

Sony's growing Spider-Man shared universe has a date for its spin-off Silver & Black. The planned Silver Sable and Black Cat team-up movie, Silver and Black, is now scheduled for a February 8, 2019 release date.

In the comic books, Silver Sable is a mercenary who runs a company that hunts war criminals.

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Even though Spider-Man: Homecoming was a joint production between Marvel Studios and Sony, the latter studio still has plenty of plans to make their own Spider-Man films, sans Spidey. Beyond the Lights director Gina Prince-Bythewood is slated to direct, but we have no details on the story just yet. Do you think that Sony is confident in their new spinoffs? Though the sequel titled Bad Boys for Life had been set for November 9, 2018, it has now been removed from the calendar entirely with no replacement date named yet.

In addition, Columbia Pictures and Black Label's Sicario 2: Soldado, the followup to Denis Villeneuve's 2015 film, will open June 29, 2018. The big screen Barbie movie has been pushed back to August 8, 2018 from a previous June 2018 date. The film, which hopes to re-team Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, had previously been scheduled for November 9, 2018, but the release has now been pushed to an unknown date. Silver has also has had several run-ins with Spider-Man.

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