Vanguard MSCI EAFE ETF (VEA) Sees Large Growth in Short Interest

TEMA is a unique combination of a single exponential moving average, a double exponential moving average, and a triple exponential moving average that provides less lag than any of those three individually. "This modification is called the relative momentum index (RMI), in which momentum is substituted for strength, because a momentum index is usually obtained by creating a moving average of the most recent closing price compared with the close Y days in the past".

The Awesome Oscillator for BMO Equal Weight US Banks Index ETF (ZBK.TO) is showing a five day consistent uptrend, signaling building market momentum for the shares. Blue Chip Partners upped its stake in Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF by 8.7% in the Fiscal Q2. A value between 0 to -20 would represent a strong overbought condition. A reading from -80 to -100 would signal an oversold situation.

The Average Directional Index or ADX is technical analysis indicator used to describe if a market is trending or not trending. Many traders will use the ADX in combination with other indicators in order to help formulate trading strategies. This measurement is based on closing prices over a specific period of time. Values can range from 0 to -100.

With the stock market continuing to move higher (aside from today), investors may be searching for stocks that are still fairly undervalued. Generally speaking, an ADX value from 0-25 would indicate an absent or weak trend. A reading under 20 would indicate no trend, and a reading from 20-25 would suggest that there is no clear trend signal. A value of 50-75 would indicate a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would signify an extremely strong trend.

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Annaly Capital Management Inc (NLY) now has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of 144.51. The CCI was developed by Donald Lambert. CCI is relatively high when prices are much higher than average, and relatively low when prices are much lower than the average. The Awesome Oscillator is created using the difference between the 34-period and 5-period simple moving averages of the bar's midpoints (H+L)/2. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators that simply take the average price of a stock over a certain period of time.

Akin to all moving averages, the angle of the Tenkan line is very important as the sharper the angle, the stronger the trend while the flatter the Tenkan, the flatter or lesser the momentum of the move is. In some cases, MA's may be used as strong reference points for spotting support and resistance levels. At the time of writing, the 14-day ADX for Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (SMTOY) is 15.06. First developed by J. Welles Wilder, the ATR may assist traders in determining if there is heightened interest in a trend, or if extreme levels may be signaling a reversal. RSI can be used to detect general trends as well as finding divergences and failure swings.

Tracking other technical indicators, the 14-day RSI is presently standing at 45.10, the 7-day sits at 39.53, and the 3-day is resting at 27.44 for Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (SMTOY).

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