Louisiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency Following Heavy Flooding In New Orleans

Louisiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency Following Heavy Flooding In New Orleans

Louisiana Governor Declares State Of Emergency Following Heavy Flooding In New Orleans

"Wednesday night's fire on control panel took down one turbine, we worked around the clock, it's now running again", said Landrieu.

The city scrambled to fix fire-damaged equipment at a power plant and shore up its drainage system, less than a week after a flash flood from torrential rain overwhelmed the city's pumping system and inundated many neighborhoods.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu gave an updated status of the pumping system Sunday morning and while the situation is improving, it now is only at the capacity that it was on August 5. In addition there is the issue of getting the water to the pumping station as numerous city's catch basins need to be thoroughly cleaned out.

"I do not intend to privatize sewerage and water board, and I don't intend to sign any long term contracts to bind the next administration", said Landrieu.

The mayor said additional 3rd party technical expertise has been brought in to assess the situation.

Now third party experts are working on creating a "good and trustworthy" flow of information.

103 of the city's 120 pumps are operating.

The National Weather Service predicts rain in the area today, causing city officials to send out multiple emergency warnings overnight.

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As of Sunday, two of the six turbines - the pieces of equipment used to power the pumps - are operational, he said.

"We are as ready as we can be for hurricane season, but for the next 14 days, we are more vulnerable", Landrieu said. (Three already were down at the time of August 5 flooding.) Twelve generators arrived today, and eight more are expected to arrive tomorrow.

"We need prisoners from Orleans Parish Prison over to remove the debris", said mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock. Contractors are now on board to make sure the pump stations are manned.

Heavy flooding in New Orleans drove Louisiana Gov. Gov. John Bel Edwards to declare a preemptive state of emergency Friday (Aug. 11) as more rain is expected to drench the area. On Sunday, Landrieu admitted that one of the problems plaguing Lakeview during floods earlier this month was that an employee was at another station when the water began to rise and could not get to the inundated neighborhood in time to effectively flip the switch.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu insisted City Hall's priorities are in order during an inte...

"For everything we do, there's always a cost, there's always a sacrifice and somebody always has to pay", Landrieu said.

Landrieu also said people would be able to get sandbags if they want to take the extra precaution of sandbagging their homes. "I own it. I accept it and I am taking responsibility to fix it".

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