Philadelphia Eagles trade Jordan Mathews to Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles trade Jordan Mathews to Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles trade Jordan Mathews to Buffalo Bills

The Los Angeles Rams acquired talented wide receiver Sammy Watkins from the Buffalo Bills Friday via trade. Meanwhile, Darby was the Bills' second-round pick at the 2015 NFL Draft and he has started 29 games in Buffalo the past two seasons. Matthews and Darby will get to face their former teams on Thursday, when the Bills travel to play Philadelphia in a preseason game.

Matthews has been extremely productive during the first three years of his career.

Just don't call it a rebuilding plan, Beane said.

Roseman also pointed out that the Eagles can still court Matthews as a free agent next spring, if Buffalo doesn't lock him up, which seemed pretty silly - if you don't want to pay big money now, why would you in free agency, for the exact same skillset? Somebody mentioned that somebody put that out there.

"To me, in my eyes, he's a true No. 1", Robey-Coleman said.

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Going to the Bills should move him up draft boards. I can not imagine Phillips is happy with this trade. "If we were throwing in the towel, I wouldn't be trying to get that starting receiver back". To your question on Tyrod, it's nothing. If not for what was traded (although we'll get to that later), but for the timing. I'm protective of our players. "We were not actively shopping either of these guys, but L.A. got very serious about Sammy, and Philadelphia got very serious about Ronald and the timing worked out". You look at those numbers and what he's done, those aren't to be laughed at. "It was a hard decision, one that we spent a lot of time discussing, but these are the conversations that have to be had".

Whether or not he's worth a gamble in the first round is up to team owners, but the best advice is to take a calculated risk on him if he's still around in the second or third round. "And teams that have them aren't really ready to move them". "We go with the information that we have since they've been in Eagles uniforms and that wide receiver group has been tremendously competitive throughout the spring and summer". "Jordan played a huge role in helping me develop as a player and as a man".

But to enter "glass-half-full" mode for a second, maybe the timing was smarter than you think.

. At the same time, McDermott understands the angst fans are feeling as they watch two key players leave the team.

"I'm invested. I feel what they feel". "Jimmy Johnson probably said it best, long before I was in football: Speed is important". Sometimes, that's a day to day process and sometimes those are not easy things, easy decisions from a leadership standpoint and I understand where they're coming from.

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