Tesla CEO Elon Musk fires back at "bogus" assistant story on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk fires back at

Tesla CEO Elon Musk fires back at "bogus" assistant story on Twitter

Musk noted that the company has about 455,000 net reservations, and since the Model 3's first deliveries and final unveiling on July 28, Tesla has averaged over 1,800 net reservations per day, Tesla said. According to Musk, in the U.S. the Model 3 75kWh version costs $9000 ($A11,500) more than the pure-electric sedan fitted with the 50kWh batteries.

"This reminds me of something similar he once said to me, many years ago, after I came back from a week's visit with my family in Canada - that his life had operated quite smoothly in my absence".

The California automaker has its hands full launching the Model 3, a long anticipated compact electric vehicle that Tesla is expected to retail for around $35,000.

Musk hopes to accelerate production cycle time through a combination of plant automation and by designing vehicles for simpler construction - such as the Model 3 and the Model Y.

The previous world record, which took place in Belgium with a Tesla Model S P100D, stopped at 901.2km (560 miles).


Musk cites volume, velocity, and density as the three main factors affecting overall production.

As a luxury auto, the Model S also has a few more perks than the Model 3. Model S and X demand increased with the release of 3.

CFRA equity analyst Efraim Levy said the bonds provide Tesla with funds "at least into mid-2018". As a supercharger can fully charge an electric auto in 30 minutes as opposed to hours with a wall socket, the plan for more superchargers can be a big factor in convincing customers to buy EVs. In order to achieve this, Tesla will be partnering with hotels, restaurants and parking garages in installing individual charging ports.

While Tesla previously stated the Model Y would sit on an all-new platform, the lure of sharing complex mechanical components has clearly become more attractive and founder Elon Musk has now confirmed the Model Y will share its backbone with the Model 3. In part, Tesla will apply the net proceeds from these senior notes to "strengthen its balance sheet during this period of rapid scaling with the launch of Model 3". There are plans for an electric semi-trailer truck to be revealed later this year and an electric pickup truck by 2019. Expect the company's impressive suite of Autopilot autonomous systems to feature, too. Even if Musk is not as successful as Wall Street estimates, he should sell more than enough cars to make the leverage, and the additional interest bill, easy for bondholders to swallow.

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