US Congresswoman Calls Gun Rights Group 'Domestic Security Threat'

US Congresswoman Calls Gun Rights Group 'Domestic Security Threat'

US Congresswoman Calls Gun Rights Group 'Domestic Security Threat'

The Congresswoman was responding to Loesch's reply to a tweet August 9, which had asked the gun rights body's spokeswoman why the NRA had remained silent when an armed black man, Philando Castile, was shot dead in Minnesota by a policeman in 2016, despite following safety rules. "We can't ignore that", Rep. Kathleen Rice, a Democratic congresswoman from NY, wrote on Twitter. And yet she has harsher words for me and for NRA members than she does for MS-13. Within seconds of alerting the officer, Castile was fatally shot. The user pointed out that the National Rifle Association (NRA) did not address the tragedy-even though Castile was in possession of a legal firearm at the time of the shooting and the association typically speaks up in such cases.

"I am not a domestic threat!" "You can disagree with people on firearms law and everything else, but to accuse someone of being a domestic threat, particularly when she is a sitting Congress member, that is something else entirely".

"I only have one question for Congresswoman Rice: is she coming to arrest me?"

Rice spokesman Coleman Lamb defended Rice's tweet on Friday, saying in a statement, the NRA "no longer has anything to do with protecting Second Amendment Rights", The Washington Post reported. "That's extremely troubling to Rep. Rice, as it should be to all law-abiding gun-owners and NRA members". "We're not afraid to call this behavior from NRA's leadership exactly what it is".

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The NRA finally came out of hiding on the killing after a year, saying this week that the group didn't defend Castile because he had marijuana - the most murdery and rare drug on the market - in his vehicle at the time, and that therefore he, I guess, deserved to be shot to death in front of his family in the auto.

But some of Rice's sharpest comments come on Twitter.

Last week, Loesch and the NRA released an advertisement in which she attacked The New York Times as "fake news" and told the newspaper to consider the ad a "shot across your proverbial bow". She previously served as the organization's special adviser on women's policy issues.

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