Live from Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 press conference

Live from Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 press conference

Live from Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 press conference

Live stream: Samsung's live streamis available on Samsung's website or the company's YouTube page. The dedicated landing page will live stream the launch event and will show all information about the device.

The phone was recalled after several exploded, causing the devices to banned from flights over fire fears. This will be nearly the same as the screen size of the Galaxy S8+.

Are you looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? You have to wonder if there is anything left for Samsung to surprise us with though? These launches are always a big deal for Samsung, with tens of billions in revenue and the top spot in the industry at stake.

The videos come hot on heels of Samsung hinting big things about the Galaxy Note 8. literally. I now carry around a Huawei P10 and a Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

Samsung fans have been sharing a "leaked" picture of what they believe is the brand new handset across the web.

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TechRadar pointed out that, should Samsung adhere to the 15 September release date, it will most likely beat the iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7s) to market as that's expected to launch from mid-September onwards, or even potentially later on in 2017.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the new Galaxy Note 8 appears to have a stunning edge-to-edge "Infinity screen", and we're expecting it to use the same OLED technology as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S8 too. Also differentiating it from the only slightly smaller Galaxy S8 Plus is an S Pen digital stylus.

The Galaxy Note 8 is rumoured to set you back up to £900, with a huge re-design planned for the pricey mobile.

According to a report in CNET, "Note 8" will have a dual-camera setup - likely a 12MP optical and 13MP telephoto sensor and it may also have rounded edges on all sides. The handset is also expected to come with a Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8995 processor paired with 6GB of RAM and 64/128/256GB of internal storage.

During the Note 7 recall previous year the company was forced to discontinue the device over safety fears prompted by multiple reported battery fires.

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