Switch Gets PayPal, Region-Free Shopping Becomes Easier

Switch Gets PayPal, Region-Free Shopping Becomes Easier

Switch Gets PayPal, Region-Free Shopping Becomes Easier

Now, spending money on lots of Switch games has just become a hell of a lot easier: as of today, the eShop now supports PayPal payments.

This update is only about the Switch.

Customers in the USA and Canada can now use their PayPal accounts to purchase digital games and content for the Nintendo Switch™ system, both on the system and in the Game Store on the Nintendo website.

But Nintendo didn't stop at physical games. Those fans will likely be happy to hear that they can now use their preferred method of payment for Nintendo games.

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Although the Switch offers multi-account support, the PayPal account must be set in the same region: a US PayPal account can buy items off the US eShop, but not the European or Japanese eShops.

Giving more options to players is always a good idea, so now those with a Nintendo account have another choice besides simply saving their card information to their Nintendo systems. Will the app be equally frustrating, only allowing you to talk to your friends in lobbies and invite them to matches when you're both already in-game? Once completed, you will then be able to use your PayPal account as a payment option for any future purchases.

A secondary effect of Nintendo embracing PayPal is that Wii U and 3DS owners can now also buy digital content for their devices without having to rely on credit cards - in a way.

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