VERIFY: Panic is worsening concerns of gas shortages

VERIFY: Panic is worsening concerns of gas shortages

VERIFY: Panic is worsening concerns of gas shortages

The Chief Editor Joey Mechelle Stenner is in North Dallas and is experiencing drivers waiting in lines and gasoline outages caused by panic buying.

Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton echoed that sentiment in an interview streamed live over the internet Thursday.

Smith added that the gas issues will likely blow over "in the next week or so".

Officials said concerns begun when Hurricane Harvey caused refineries along the Gulf Coast to shut down.

Before the storm hit, Americans were consuming less than the US was producing.

Cars are lined up at some gas stations across North Texas - and fuel prices in the state and across the country have jumped by at least 10 cents since Harvey pounded Houston and the Gulf coast. Sitton told WFAA that there is no fuel crisis in Dallas or Texas. "This has the making to be a lot worse than Katrina, for those who lived through that before", he said.

"What happened was there was a broad story that refineries were shut down and a few pipelines were shut down", said Sitton.

"If you have a full tank or know you can go three to four days without gas, I would not be anxious", said Sitton. It has mobile apps here, but to access gas availability, you'll need to go to the amenities tab, scroll over, and choose "has fuel". "I think this so-called shortage will be gone by mid next week". And don't wait to fill up until you're nearly on empty, if that's your typical strategy.

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"This is only the second station I tried". "I wouldn't fill up".

Scott Miner was there filling up his wife's vehicle.

You might also just try looking late at night or very early in the morning, around 3 or 4 a.m. If drivers can not find fuel at one station, he said they need to keep driving and find another. The station normally gets four deliveries a day - two loads of regular, one of premium and one of diesel.

The operator of a major gasoline pipeline now estimates it can resume carrying fuel in the Houston area by Sunday, potentially avoiding a lengthy shutdown that would intensify gasoline shortages. There's plenty of gas out there.

"This is a case of self-fulfilling prophecy", continued Sitton.

In Texas, there are 30 refineries that produce about six million barrels a day. "So what QuikTrip is doing - we've been through this before with other hurricanes - we're taking half of our [135] Dallas-area stores and designating certain stores to be kept full of product".

The bulk of retail gasoline dispensed at pumps in Austin, Texas, is refined by Flint Hills Resources in Corpus Christi and then transported by pipeline to a terminal off US 290 east of Interstate 35.

He said he expects fuel supplies to return to normal within a week.

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