Admiral Ackbar Returns in Latest Peek at Star Wars 8

Admiral Ackbar Returns in Latest Peek at Star Wars 8

Admiral Ackbar Returns in Latest Peek at Star Wars 8

What took many fans by surprise though was that Abrams was not coming back to direct said sequel, instead Looper's Rian Johnson would helm the project.

Well actually, it's not Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but The Last of the Jedi.

Hamill, who has played the iconic sci-fi character since the first Star Wars movie was launched in 1977, was in town to film an episode of Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, which in the past has brought other worldwide stars to town including Usain Bolt and Orlando Bloom.

Meanwhile, Johnson said The Last Jedi will reveal the reason for the Jedi Master to be on an island and focus on his relationship with the highly Force-sensitive Jakku scavenger, Rey.

He added that it was the case for Rey, and it is also the case for Kylo. In the original trilogy, Vader is the father - he's the one you're afraid of and who you want the approval of.

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Clearly, Kylo Ren seems to be unaware of the events in "Return of the Jedi", but should he go down that path, at least there is hope for him to redeem himself. Whereas Kylo represents anger and rebellion, the sometimes healthy - and sometimes not - desire to disconnect from the parents.

Or are there two Jedi by the end of the film despite its title? "Missing for decades, his trusty X-Wing rusting beneath the waves, Luke finds redemption in the form of Rey", the film maker admitted.

'And it's absolutely tied up in that question of, "What is Luke's attitude toward the Jedi?"'

In that vein, Johnson does confirm Luke is the last Jedi, and it was right in our faces all along with the opening crawl of The Force Awakens. There is always a margin of manoeuvre in this kind of movies, everything is a question of point of view, but for our story, it is the last of the Jedi. With Kylo, there is the anger and the pangs of adolescence as well as trying to figure out who he is going to turn out to be.

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