Putin condemns North Korea's nuclear test, calls for talks

Putin condemns North Korea's nuclear test, calls for talks

Putin condemns North Korea's nuclear test, calls for talks

The Russian leader also said threats of military action could trigger "a global catastrophe".

But Mr Putin again rejected United States calls for new sanctions against North Korea after its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, echoing China's resistance to more punitive measures to pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its atomic and missile programmes.

New sanctions against North Korea would be "useless" and "ineffective", according to Vladimir Putin.

Russian Federation condemns North Korea's nuclear test as "provocative", Putin told a televised news conference in China on Tuesday.

The comments came after a top North Korea's ambassador to the UN, Han Tae Song, warned his country is ready to send "more gift packages" to the US.

America's ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said the U.S. will come up with a new UN sanctions resolution and aims to put it to a vote next Monday.

Putin also lashed out at the USA, saying it was preposterous for Washington to ask for Moscow's help with North Korea after sanctioning Russian companies whom US officials accused of violating North Korea sanctions.

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"They'll eat grass, but they won't abandon their programme unless they feel secure", he told reporters yesterday at an emerging markets summit in Xiamen, China, which was hosted by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

His comments followed a terse UN Security Council meeting on Monday at which the USA warned the approach of imposing "incremental" sanctions against the secretive nation had not worked.

President Donald Trump continues to see the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula as the priority in how it responds to North Korea's latest nuclear weapons test, the White House says.

North Korea alarmed the region with its most powerful test to date on Sunday of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on to a long-range missile. That calculation has held, even while China's interests have diverged from those of North Korea. (But) ramping up military hysteria will lead to nothing good.

Russia, which shares a border with North Korea, has repeatedly joined China in calling for negotiations with Pyongyang, suggesting that the USA and South Korea halt all major war games in exchange for North Korea halting its testing programme.

South Korea's Asia Business Daily, citing an unidentified source, reported that North Korea had been observed moving a rocket that appeared to be an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) towards its west coast.

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