Tutu implores 'beloved sister' Daw Suu to end violence in Rakhine

Tutu implores 'beloved sister' Daw Suu to end violence in Rakhine

Tutu implores 'beloved sister' Daw Suu to end violence in Rakhine

Suu Kyi has described the backlash over her handling of the Rohingya Muslim crisis as "a huge iceberg of misinformation.with the aim of promoting the interest of the terrorists", as cited by the AFP.

"She (Suu Kyi) needs to translate the feelings shared by the world by doing something, which she should as a Nobel Peace Prize victor", he added. Burma was tense with mass demonstrations for democracy after General Ne Win had stepped down in August. They were overwhelmed when Suu Kyi got the Noble Prize. We used to assume that she reflected the rare combination of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

"No-one told me that I was to be interviewed by a Muslim", Suu Kyi is alleged to have said, according to the petition.

She remained under house arrest or in prison for 15 years, over a 21-year period. "She is in a very hard position", the official added, "Because she can't win on either side". In 1995 she met her husband in Myanmar for the last time, four years before his death from cancer. The other is Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar's constitution bars Suu Kyi from becoming the President in Myanmar because her sons are British, but she previously vowed to rule from "above".

A letter calling on Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to take action against Myanmar was authored by opposition Labour MP Rushanara Ali and signed by 157 of her colleagues. The military has also been under close scrutiny after allegations of human-rights abuses during the four-month-long offensive in the region that began past year.

But leaders in the human rights community have been more pointed in their criticism of Suu Kyi, who was initially silent on the issue, then defended the counterattacks by security forces as an effort to combat terrorism.

Shortly after elections in 2015, Suu Kyi assumed the newly created role of State Counsellor which many have come to see as the de facto leadership position. She would not make changes too soon but would aim for reconciliation, like Nelson Mandela.

Burmese police and army have launched a violent crackdown in the state following attacks by Rohingya insurgents on border posts a year ago.

Some Rohingya Muslims are recorded to have been in Buddhist-majority Burma since the 12th century.

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Others have died trying to flee the fighting in Rakhine state, where witnesses say entire villages have been burned. When UN officials wanted to investigate the situation, Suu Kyi's government put restrictions on their activities. After independence Rohingyas who could prove residence for at least two generations were allowed to apply for a form of ID card. After the country gained independence, their migration was considered illegal and they were denied citizenship rights. They had long suffered discrimination, including movement restrictions, withholding of land rights and exclusion from education and public service.

"They are in a desperate, absolutely desperate humanitarian state, without enough to eat".

"This might be from both sides but it would be heavily concentrated on the Rohingya population".

The Rohingya are a minority group largely based in Rakhine.

Makeshift refugee centers and healthcare facilities in Bangladesh are struggling to cope with the unprecedented influx.

Suu Kyi once said, "It is not power that corrupts, but fear". After all, she was the one who retaliated by saying - "It is not power that corrupts, but fear".

And her own silence has been deeply intriguing.

He said: "What's the most important objective if you are a politician?"

Selina Mohsin is a former ambassador.

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