AIMPLB to set up expert committee to study triple talaq verdict

AIMPLB to set up expert committee to study triple talaq verdict

AIMPLB to set up expert committee to study triple talaq verdict

In its first meeting since the Supreme Court order calling for a ban on Triple talaq on August 22, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board surprisingly did not discuss anything on filing review petition against the Supreme Court order banning instant triple talaq. "Any restriction on it will amount to denying us our right to practice Muslim personal law as given by the Constitution, and it should remain intact". The executive body meeting of the AIMPLB, convened to deliberate on the instant triple talaq and Babri Masjid issues, continued here for the second day on Monday.

The executive committee meeting of the AIMPLB in Bhopal.

A section of the leaders, however, have said they do not agree to the view that Muslim women are against triple talaq system. "The AIMPLB chose to constitute a committee that would study the apex court's verdict and proffer suggestions in accordance with Islamic beliefs", Working Committee Member K Faruqui told media tonight after an AIMPLB meeting that took up the entire day and witnessed attendance by about 45 of 51 members. We make (a) categorical statement that the Community can not and shall not tolerate such attack on personal law of Muslim community. In doing so, the board also recorded its "commitment to carry forward large scale reforms". "We have always advocated a reasonable line, we are not in favour like some other organisations of taking to the streets at the slightest pretext". "A propaganda is on for the last three years to project Muslim women as the most oppressed and unhappy, but that's not true".

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The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on 10 September 2017 made a decision to constitute a committee comprising experts that would look into the method and process for undertaking large scale community reform program within the Islamic Sharia (Islamic law). "For a long time, we've taken steps to discourage this practice through community reform programmes and issued Model Form of Nikahnama about two decades ago".

The board, which debated the August 22 order for over four hours, chose to constitute a committee of experts which will examine the apex court's order to identify inconsistencies, if any, with Sharia, said board member Kamal Faruqui.

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