Apple launches Apple TV 4K

Apple launches Apple TV 4K

Apple launches Apple TV 4K

In addition to 4K, Apple is embracing HDR with this latest Apple TV with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

If you want to buy the new Apple TV 4K, it can be yours starting at $179. Expect UK pricing to be straight conversions. Your existing HD iTunes purchases will be upgraded to 4K/HDR for free, and the company says new 4K releases will cost the same as existing films.

More details to follow. And there will also be an announced release date.

At the heart of the Apple TV is an A10X fusion chip, the same as the iPad Pro.

One slight downer: you'll need a quick (by United Kingdom standards) broadband connection to enjoy 4K streaming - about 15Mbps is mooted. The 4th-generation Apple TV was an upgrade from previous models, for sure, with improvements like 60fps, Dolby Digital 7.1, and voice search, but while other companies like Roku, NVIDIA, and Amazon were upgrading their players to handle 4k and HDR, Apple was busy touting all the TV shows, movies and games playable on Apple TV. They should also make the Apple TV a more capable gaming device. You can order it on September 15, but it will not ship until September 22.

But if that's all Tim Cook is announcing - a 4K version of the current Apple TV - we'll be in trouble. The 4th-generation Apple TV has a dual-core A8 CPU and a mere 2GB of RAM.

Then, just when we thought Apple had forgotten all about the Apple TV, showed up in September 2015. For the first time, developers could write apps specifically for the Apple TV. In the product demo, the TV's output looked pretty incredible.

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Even more pertinently for the Apple TV, 4K is sneaking into catch-up TV services and apps like.

What better time is there to make this happen than the launch of the new box? We'll update when we find out. However, most of the other changes are likely to be on the software side, of which more below.

A faster processor won't just be a boon for better picture quality; it will also give Apple far more flexibility with what these devices can do.

This reveal clearly shows references to Apple TV but with mention of 4K UHD support. Set-top boxes have become the middlemen for many consumers who mostly stream online video: for example, you can sign into your Netflix account on a new Apple TV model, choose a 4K program to watch like Black Mirror, and stream it through the Apple TV to your 4K television.

When will the 4K Apple TV launch be?

Eagle-eyed Apple watchers spotted an Apple TV-style device getting U.S. regulatory approval back in September 2016, and then the third-generation model was pulled from sale a month later, both signs that a new model could be on the way.

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