Early death may befall those who sit throughout the day! - Read

Early death may befall those who sit throughout the day! - Read

Early death may befall those who sit throughout the day! - Read

Inactive adults who spend more time on sitting at one place have more risk of premature death than people who don't sit around a lot, USA study suggests. "Unless you get moving now, you're in trouble later."The findings led the study's authors to suggest that people who sit a lot should get up and move around every 30 minutes to counter the health risks that come with prolonged sedentary behavior".

"While these factors were adjusted for statistically, readers should note that for this reason, the findings may not be generalizable to other populations comprised of different nationalities, racial and ethnic identities or healthier populations", Carol Ewing Garber, a behavioral sciences professor at Columbia University, who was not associated with the study, said.

It's more than exercise, Diaz said. "Unfortunately the message is more mixed ... it looks like both are bad for you".

"The simple, straightforward implication is that excessive sedentary time may be a toxic, hazardous behavior and that regardless of whether a person exercises on a given day, they still need to be mindful of how much time they spend sedentary outside their exercise time", Diaz explained to MedPage Today. Earlier studies that have reported a link between sitting and an early death have relied on people telling researchers how long they sat in a day. Diaz and his team used a hip-mounted accelerometer to objectively measure sessions of sitting.

The results of this study suggest that policy makers should be cautious about recommending sitting reductions without also recommending increases in physical activity. It can't prove that sitting causes the risk, due to the study design.

"We think a more specific guideline could read something like, 'For every 30 consecutive minutes of sitting, stand up and move/walk for five minutes at brisk pace to reduce the health risks from sitting, ' " he said, adding the study "puts us a step closer to such guidelines", but more research is needed to verify the findings.

"The REGARDS study was originally created to examine why blacks (and particularly blacks in the Southern US) have a greater risk for stroke than whites", said Diaz.

It's not just about avoiding sedentary behavior or prolonged bouts of sedentary behavior, said Alter, who wrote an accompanying journal editorial. So although standing desks are becoming more and more popular, until better scientific studies are published, I would encourage people who are concerned about their sedentary habits to take movement breaks as often as possible.

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What's nearly certain is that the solution will require folks to track their activity and inactivity, Alter said.

"So if you have a job or lifestyle where you have to sit for prolonged periods of time, we suggest taking a movement break every half hour".

On average, sedentary behavior accounted for 77 percent of the participants' waking hours, equivalent to more than 12 hours per day.

Measuring duration, the researchers clocked participants sitting, on average, for 11.4 minutes at a stretch.

Each participant wore the fitness tracker for at least four days during a period of one week, with deaths of participants tracked until September 2015.

Researchers say this is the largest study done so far that links sedentary time, specifically sitting for long periods of time with an increased death risk.

Forty-eight percent of the time sitting was spent in a bout for longer than 30 minutes, and 28 percent of the time was spent sitting for at least an hour.

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