Hurricane Irma has more company: No Florida impact expected by Hurricane Katia

Hurricane Irma has more company: No Florida impact expected by Hurricane Katia

Hurricane Irma has more company: No Florida impact expected by Hurricane Katia

In an unlikely coincidence, these storms are nearly in the same order and position as Irma, Jose and Katia, and have the same first three letters (I, J, K).

This same phenomenon happened as recently as a year ago when Tropical Storms Ian, Julia and Karl all occupied the Atlantic. Storms of Category 3 and above are defined as major hurricanes.

On that track, the center of the storm will pass close to or just east of the northern Leeward Islands on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, Georgia is the No. 2 producing cotton state, and harvest should begin later this month.

On Wednesday, the British and Virgin Islands experienced strong winds and the heart of Hurricane Irma is now north of Hispaniola, but heavy rains have been reported in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The official NHC forecast does not yet extend beyond Monday, but other forecast models do.

Beyond that there are still questions as to where Jose will go as a lot will have to due with where Irma eventually goes as Irma cloud block Jose from heading towards the United States.

Heavy rainfall will also be a concern with isolated amounts of up to 20 inches in the northern Leeward Island.

"Maximum sustained winds are near 85 miles per hour with higher gusts".

As for the three storms now occupying the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, all three are expected to take very different paths.

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Georgia hasn't been hit by a hurricane with winds Category 3 or higher since 1898.

Facts: The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.

The flights are in addition to regularly scheduled flights Tuesday and Wednesday to Miami. Category 5 is the strongest.

Irma's core slammed Barbuda early Wednesday before moving over St. Martin and Anguilla and parts of the British Virgin Islands. The stretch of ocean waters between Irma and Florida are even warmer than the storm's current location, meaning the potential exists for it to maintain or even increase strength as it approaches, so long as it makes minimal interaction with land along the way.

Jose's path is not forecast to be as risky or destructive as Irma's, however.

Irma is predicted to make landfall in Florida before working its way north into Georgia and the Carolinas.

Don't pay attention to just the center of Irma, as impacts will be felt far from the eye.

"The hurricane will bring strong and perhaps damaging winds to coastal areas".

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