North Korea: Kim Jong-un praises nuclear test

North Korea: Kim Jong-un praises nuclear test

North Korea: Kim Jong-un praises nuclear test

U.S. originally pushed for a strict oil embargo and a ban on the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but diplomats say the asset freeze has been dropped from the resolution before the vote.

The United States wants the UN Security Council to impose an oil embargo on North Korea, ban its exports of textiles and the hiring of North Korean labourers overseas, and to subject leader Kim Jong Un to an asset freeze and travel ban, according to a draft resolution seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

KCNA KCNA / Reuters North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claps during a celebration for nuclear scientists and engineers who contributed to a hydrogen bomb test.

"I can't say this loudly but I secretly think well done" on North Korea's development of missile and nuclear capabilities, she said. Although humanitarian aid is exempt from diplomatic sanctions, more than 10 million citizens in North Korea are undernourished and suffer from chronic food insecurity, which is tragically ignored or forgotten by the rest of the global community.

Pyongyang conducted its sixth nuclear test this month and is expected to soon launch another long-range ballistic missile, after conducting over 20 missile tests so far this year.

A Security Council resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by permanent members Britain, the United States, France, Russia or China to pass.

North Korea says it needs its weapons to protect itself from United States aggression.

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The import of refined petroleum products is also limited.

The blast, which came weeks after the country fired off two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that appeared to bring much of the mainland United States into range, prompted global condemnation and calls to ramp up sanctions against the isolated nation.

In line with growing calls to put more pressure on the North, the European Union is also leaning toward imposing its own additional sanctions, including the expulsion of North Koreans, whose labor constitutes a cash flow into the cash-hungry North, which then uses it for missile and nuclear programs. They also want to freeze Kim's assets. China will not allow chaos and war on the Korean Peninsula, he said.

Some 453,096 South Koreans and 32,461 North Koreans lived in Japan a year ago, according to government data.

Experts believe the Pyongyang government is close to its goal of developing a powerful nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States, something U.S. President Trump has vowed to prevent. -South Korean joint military drills. South Korea has time and again indicated its willingness to negotiate with North Korea, even in the midst of the boisterous exchange of threats between Washington and Pyongyang, to the chagrin of Trump.

Although President Trump is not responsible for the complete failure of the USA to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power, his bellicose threats against North Korea and the acceleration of Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programs have dangerously increased regional tension.

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