PUBG's September update detailed with map tweaks and a new weapon

PUBG's September update detailed with map tweaks and a new weapon

PUBG's September update detailed with map tweaks and a new weapon

Don't start sweating just yet though, as this will be a, "low probability", weather effect in the live game (it was noted however that this will occur more frequently on the test servers).

In a blog post outlining the game's new update, the PUBG team have shed light on the progress of vaulting.

"Sometimes people might speculate that, oh, we were doing this because of PUBG, [and] we just chuckle because we were in the meetings in February where we made a decision to do it".

"A lot of the [internal team], they really couldn't believe it ..."

We can only focus on PC and Xbox.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Fog Mechanic Receives New Screenshots

Despite its popularity, Green still thinks it can reach more people, and perhaps even compete with the likes of League of Legends. "However, we must look into this with more detail to ensure that adding another game mode does not hurt the user experience for the player base as a whole". However, looking at SteamDB's charts for August and September, there does appear to be a dip in KotK's player counts.

"We don't have a plan to increase at the moment", he said.

Talking to Eurogamer, he revealed: "For 100 players an 8x8 just makes more sense and it gives more flexibility when we move onto custom games and things like that". We would definitely like to provide a better FPP experience to players in SA and SEA servers. We've already seen a few try: there was a battle royale game called The Culling that appeared in March of previous year, Ark took a swing with Survival of the Fittest, and both Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite have added or are adding battle royale modes. No doubt that it will make it a little bit hard for you to survive and kill, yet I believe must of you will appreciate a compelling gameplay from time to time.

The fog mechanic received mixed responses when it was announced with some players excited for the change and others preferring the game like it is now, sometimes concerned with how lower-end computers would handle the fog. "But we feel we have a great inside track in terms of how we do this last man standing genre".

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