Woman Gives Birth Alone During Hurricane Irma

Woman Gives Birth Alone During Hurricane Irma

Woman Gives Birth Alone During Hurricane Irma

The unidentified woman in the Little Haiti neighborhood called emergency personnel twice in the early morning, but out of over 40 calls that paramedics and fire crews received that night into early morning, they were only able to respond to four as the category 4 storm made landfall. A curfew from 7 p.m.to 7 a.m.is expected to be in place for days in Miami-Dade.

Doctors were forced to talk a Florida woman through delivering her baby at home while Hurricane Irma's outer bands lashed Miami.

Previous year a Christian Aid report showed that Miami tops the list of most vulnerable cities to climate change induced coastal flooding. In many parts of southern Florida, residents were urged to evacuate, with millions fleeing for dryer land north of the sunshine state.

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"Welcome to the world baby Nayiri Storm", the Miami-Dade Police Department Tweeted, along with a photo. She and her baby girl were later taken to Jackson Hospital as soon as it was safe to travel. "She's stable at home", Assistant Fire Chief Eloy Garcia told the Miami Herald. Thanks to the instructions of the team and the woman's incredible focus and resilience, the new mom was able to deliver her baby, her placenta and cut the umbilical cord all on her own.

Here's yet another unintended home delivery, courtesy of Hurricane Irma: A Coral Springs woman ended up giving birth on her bathroom floor.

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