Android 8.0 Devices Still Using Mobile Data With WiFi On

Android 8.0 Devices Still Using Mobile Data With WiFi On

Android 8.0 Devices Still Using Mobile Data With WiFi On

It is not announced that it won't be receiving any Android updates further.

This is the same thing that they did with the Android 7.1 Nougat, which they debuted with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL a year ago.

The teardown, revealed that some of the developers from Google are using the Android 8.1 SDK for building apps. Do you experience similar kind of issues on your device running Android Oreo? While it seems unusual for a sustained upload to be able to bring down networks, multiple people with Google WiFi/OnHub mesh routers have experienced general networking problems associated with this issue, and those problems have been resolved when the Nexus Player is disconnected. However, because of the bug, the Pixel will just turn off mobile data.

Speaking of the September patch, it looks like it's starting to roll out to some Nexus 5X users.

The situation is obviously a mess and won't help to soothe the minds of Nexus users waiting for an Android 8.0 release from Google and their carrier.

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It is never good to see a major flaw being discovered in a new operating system within its first week on the market.

But, if previous released pattern is taken has any indication, Samsung is expected to add custom features to Android Oreo, like the way it did with the Android Nougat and most probably complete the testing in a month or two.

Google has barely started rolling out its latest Android 8.0 Oreo update to Nexus and Pixel devices while several Pixel users are already complaining of unexpected mobile-data shutdown on their devices after installing the new update.

Google says it can't guarantee Android version updates for the two devices after September 2017 which means an official move to the company's rumored Android P update is unlikely.

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