Apple's new watch will tell you if you're having heart problems

Apple's new watch will tell you if you're having heart problems

Apple's new watch will tell you if you're having heart problems

The Apple Watch now also claims to be the most used heart-rate monitor in the world, the company revealed on Tuesday. The LTE model of the Apple Watch is notable by the red accent on the Digital Crown. He said sales had grown by 50% during the past 12 months.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Apple Watch has saved lives by detecting heart rate irregularities. That initial study found the Watch was able to detect an abnormal heart rhythm with a 97 percent accuracy. "This is blow-away!"

"One of the things that we've learned that we've been really surprised and delighted about is this device, because of the monitoring of the heart, has essentially alerted people through the collection of the data that they have a problem", he told Fortune.

Jeff Williams, Apple COO then came onstage, he said "We're adding smart activity coaching, a completely redesigned workout app, new features for swimmers".

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This technology needs to be built into gym machines, which means manufacturers like Life Fitness will need to update existing machines and create new ones.

Apple's new Apple Watch 3, with a swathe of new capabilities including built-in cellular, is expected to stoke the smartwatch market. Other new watch faces include a "kaleidoscope" design and Toy Story characters Woody, Jessie, and Buzz designs. There's a new high-intensity interval training workout option for those specific routines, and the pool swimming workout has been improved to use the accelerometer's motion data to know which type of stroke you're doing and when you're resting at the edge of the pool.

Orders for the Apple Watch Series 3 start from 15 September, and will be available from 22 September.

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