Brexit: MPs wave through EU Withdrawal Bill in crucial parliament vote

Brexit: MPs wave through EU Withdrawal Bill in crucial parliament vote

Brexit: MPs wave through EU Withdrawal Bill in crucial parliament vote

The Scottish and Welsh governments will put forward plans to amend the legislation which will take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, the Scottish Government's Brexit secretary has announced.

Mr Johnson said "we need to get this great ship launched", with the transfer of European Union laws onto the domestic statute book a key priority.

During the session, May is expected to address lawmakers and hold a debate on the rights of European Union citizens, a divorce bill and the future of the Northern Ireland border.

He said a "one-size-fits-all approach" had not worked for the United Kingdom within the European Union so "there is no reason to suggest the same approach would work after Brexit" within the UK.

"The Scottish Government can not recommend the Scottish Parliament give its consent to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in its current form", a statement reads, citing Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe Michael Russell.

"The lines are being drawn for an almighty row in committee, with the government struggling to command a majority", he said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had instructed his party to vote against the legislation.

"Instead, she has adopted her normal blinkered approach and forced through a Bill that will need extensive amendment and improvement in a whole range of areas", he said.

Having lost her majority in the Commons in June's election, May is vulnerable to rebellions from her own side.

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Those who quickly moved to table substantial amendments to the bill include former attorney general Dominic Grieve and influential backbencher John Penrose. They gained 296 votes, but not enough to challenge the government who notched up 318 votes.

An NFU spokesman said: "NFU Scotland's position is that any future policy must have significant in-built flexibility for the devolved administrations to be able to use the agricultural budget to develop policies and tools that are fitted to the unique agricultural characteristics of the different parts of the United Kingdom".

"I have to make a decision on this, and these decisions aren't easy".

"Will they take a stand for people in Northern Ireland or will they bend the knee to David Davis and Boris Johnson, giving away more of our hard fought for powers to this Tory government?" he asked.

He called it a "critical vote, on a knife edge that will have a profound impact on the people of this island" adding that "our community is silenced".

In Nottinghamshire Conservative Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has already voiced dissent by asking the Prime Minster to allay fears the process could become an "unnecessary government power grab". But many legislators branded the bill a government power grab, and vowed to change it before it becomes law.

LONDON, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Britain faces a chaotic exit from the European Union if lawmakers vote against legislation created to sever political, financial and legal ties with the bloc, Britain's Brexit minister David Davis said before a parliamentary vote.

Additional reporting from IRN.

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