Footage of Popular Cruise Ship Destination St. Thomas After Hurricane Irma

Footage of Popular Cruise Ship Destination St. Thomas After Hurricane Irma

Footage of Popular Cruise Ship Destination St. Thomas After Hurricane Irma

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:"The UK government is responding to the catastrophic damage that has been caused by Hurricane Irma to the Caribbean and in particular obviously to the overseas territories, Anguilla, and the British Virgin Islands. Also, salt spray whipped up by the hurricane can coat and desiccate leaves while they are still on the trees".

But British Virgin Islands Hurricane #Irma story is not about Necker - it is about the tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods. Antigua and Barbuda prime minister Gaston Browne said the destruction was heart-wrenching.

Before Irma hit, Branson tweeted there was some uncertainty of how the island would hold up in a Category 5 hurricane like Irma.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, after it was hit by Hurricane Irma. "If clients don't want to go to other parts of the Caribbean, we are offering free cancellations and refunds".

Irma has been responsible for at least 42 deaths so far and caused considerable wreckage throughout numerous islands in its path along the Atlantic Ocean.

Residents throughout the region say food is scarce and in some cases looting is a concern. To aid the U.S. Virgin Islands, retired National Basketball Association star Tim Duncan has pledged a $250,000 donation, and promises to match other donations up to the first $1 million.

Police Respond To Shooting At Washington High School
Local media reports that a suspect was in custody and that at least two people were transported to the hospital. Freeman High School has 327 enrolled students. "They did a modified lockdown drill yesterday", she said.

According got shelter kits are being distributed in Anguilla to help those left homeless.

"So we haven't been able to raise the funds from other governments at the moment. Ports, including the airport are opening, but the priority is the military, supply goods and technical expertise, but we hope to resume operations soon", Jaspert said.

Branson used the video to appeal for aid to the British Virgin Islands.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and French President Emmanuel Macron have both visited their countries' respective Caribbean territories.

The premier of the British Virgin Islands, Orlando Smith, also appealed for urgent aid from Britain, saying the situation was critical and calling for a comprehensive package.

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